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Rules of Engagement: Getting Due Diligence Right

When entering a capital arrangement with another business, or progressing an acquisition, merger, or joint venture, ensuring that proper due diligence has been undertaken is critical. This includes financial, legal and commercial due diligence of the target’s tangible and intangible assets.

Today, intangible assets account for over 90% of company value. However, many due diligence processes are still focused on tangible or fixed assets, which is ironic given how little of company value today is attributed to these assets.

With very little attention directed towards intangible assets during many due diligence processes, opportunities and issues can be missed. To avoid this situation, directors and management teams need to establish whether they are asking the right questions during the due diligence process and if the right assets are being assessed.

Join Tyler Capson, Managing Director – Asia, at global intangible asset advisory EverEdge;
S. Sivanesan, Senior Partner and head of international law firm Dentons Rodyk's Singapore Corporate practice; and Gerald Tan, Director at leading accounting firm Acutus, for this webinar as they share insights, case studies and practical advice on:

  • Looking beyond the balance sheet when it comes to assessing value;
  • Utilising the due diligence process to uncover threats – and opportunities;
  • The questions to ask when conducting due diligence on intangible assets;
  • Liability for attacks on, or possible loss of, intangible assets (post-completion); and
  • Impact of such attacks or loss on purchase price, investment, and actual value of target. 


Webinar logistics:
Date: Thursday 29, October
Time: 10.00 - 11.00 am SGT