Corporate Responsibility

At Acutus, we take our corporate responsibility seriously.

Our goal, vision and strategy of being corporately responsible are aligned to our firm’s strategy to strive to fulfill the needs of our clients, our people and the community as a whole. We believe that being a responsible corporate citizen means taking positive actions, treating our clients, our fellow colleagues, suppliers and the environment with respect. Our collaborative style of leadership supplies a framework that will enable us to move forward as a global organisation.

Our People

We are committed to playing a constructive role in developing our people as responsible leaders, which will positively impact the communities in which we operate.

Our Clients

We have been applying high standards consistently in everything we do.  By acting responsibly in the manner we conduct our businesses, we will be able to meet our objectives and in achieving clients’ satisfaction.

Our Community & Environment

As an established professional organisation, Acutus strives to contribute to our society through investing in our people, fostering an environmentally sustainable operations and contributing our services to the community through pro bono work and staff volunteerism.