Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency in Singapore

Build resilience now to be well positioned when the economy dips.

In today’s fast changing landscape, companies face a plethora of unexpected challenges at every stage. If there are signs that your business has suffered an unexpected event resulting in the company’s performance deteriorating, encountering problems in its cash flow or any sign of financial distress, it is important to understand that there are more options available to deal with such crisis as compared to winding up. If nothing is done, the consequences could be serious as it could lead to appointment of judicial manager or liquidator and/or resulting in claim against the directors personally. Hence, senior managements and stakeholders often require expert assistance and advice.

At Acutus, we approach each engagement with an open mind aimed at achieving the best outcome for our clients.   Our restructuring team is able to provide timely advisory, business turnaround and restructuring services to under-performing and financially distressed businesses by offering them a range of alternative solutions to assist them in resolving their temporary financial setbacks. Our advisory team is equipped with exceptional experiences to assist businesses in determining the cause of their under-performance, mitigate risks and to work with them to indentify the best strategy for business recovery. We do so by developing and implementing operational restructuring solutions to preserve the value and, ultimately viability of the business.

Acutus has the reputation for mobilising the specialised resources required for each unique client situation. We have the capacity to assemble a balanced team of industry, financial and operational experts to develop and implement workable solutions under all types of business environments.

Our Advisory Services include:

•  Formal Insolvency Appointment (Liquidation, Receivership & Judicial Management)
• Corporate Restructuring (Scheme of Arrangement or Informal Work-outs)
• Acting as Special and/or Monitoring Accountants
• Trustees/ Nominees in Bankruptcy
• Litigation Support

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