Dear Valued Clients & Associates

Following the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on the Covid-19 pandemic situation yesterday afternoon, it was announced that most work places will be closed and all schools will now move to full home-based learning, as Singapore puts in place a “circuit breaker” to pre-empt escalating Covid-19 infections.

Except for key economic sectors and essential services such as food, healthcare, utility, transport and key banking services, all work premises will be closed from 7 April 2020 to
4 May 2020.

Under the new regulation, please note that our office will be closed during this period and all our resources have been redeployed to work remotely. This is not unexpected. We have been monitoring the situation very carefully and contingent plans have been put in place should such an event occur. We have the resources to allow us to continue to serve you seamlessly to the best of your interest.

All of us remain contactable on our respective emails and mobiles. If necessary, video and other teleconferencing facilities are also available. Until the crisis is over, it is inevitable that all business interactions must adapt to this new inevitable reality.

The above measures are designed to deliver continuity of services to our clients. While every effort is being made, there may be situations in which the usual responsiveness is impaired due to the ongoing crisis. We would respectfully ask for your forbearance in these trying circumstances.

Should you require any assistant or if there is a need to attend to an immediate situation, please contact to following:

Corporate Services

Ms Tan Bee Kiow          

Audit & Assurance

Ms Lim Soh Yen            

Ms Yan Yun Ha             

Tax Services

Ang Poh Geok               

Yong Zhi Xiong              

Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

Ms Lynn Ong                 

Ms Lydia Loh                 

Accounting & Payroll

Ms Ong Fei Fong           

Ms Oei Sze Teng            

Valuation  & Litigation Support

Mr Gerald Tan               

Human Resources

Ms Ong Ling Ling           

We wish you well and please stay safe in this uncertain time.

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