Singapore has always been a preferred choice for many foreign investors especially those seeking an entry into Asia. Indeed, there is no better gateway to Asia than Singapore.

Singapore offers many outstanding advantages. Other than being strategically located, its skilled and qualified workforce, low taxes, political stability as well as a world-class infrastructure are factors that have attracted many multi-national companies around the world to establish their business presence here.

This publication is intended to provide potential investors with the basic information on doing business in Singapore.  It is a quick overview and is therefore not intended to be exhaustive. We strive to provide readers with a broad guideline of the essential issues in setting up a business in Singapore and also for individuals intending to run it from here. Whilst we endeavour to include all pertinent issues, it is however not feasible to discuss every subject in comprehensive detail within such limited framework. Hence, it is necessary to seek professional advice before implementation.

We hope that the contents herein are informative and useful to assist readers in formulating their business decisions.  At Acutus, we will be delighted to discuss your business aspirations and assist you in all your endeavours. Come share your thoughts with us as we assist you in embracing your growth imperatives.

Welcome to Singapore.

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