Free trade has always been the lifeline of Hong Kong. It is one of the most open and externally orientated economies in the world. Its proximity to the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), its similarities with the PRC in terms of culture, social customs, language and its international business environment have made it an ideal place for foreign investors seeking entry into the PRC. There is no better choice than using Hong Kong as a destination to tap on the expertise, information, facilities and resources required to gain entry into the immense Chinese market.

It is without a doubt that Hong Kong offers many competitive advantages as a hub for foreign investors. The purpose of this publication is intended to provide foreign investors with some basic knowledge on the pertinent aspects of doing business in Hong Kong. It is not written as a comprehensive guide rather than to provide information on major issues that an investor should consider when establishing a business in Hong Kong. Readers are therefore requested to seek professional advice before formulating any business decision.

By taking advantage of the Acutus network in Hong Kong and with our good understanding of the Chinese terrain and business environment, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to assist clients in setting up their businesses and assisting them to grow and achieve future success.

We hope the contents are informative and we will be delighted to discuss any issues that you may have concerning the establishment of a business in Hong Kong.

Welcome to Hong Kong.


This publication aims to provide readers with general information about doing business in Hong Kong. Whilst every effort have been made to ensure that the contents are accurate and current, certain facts such as tax rates, legislation or other economic statistics referred to in this publication are only accurate at the time of writing. Hence, it should not be relied upon without appropriate professional advice. Acutus CPA Limited will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the material contained in this publication.

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